Sunday, January 4, 2009

A little hill work

Mountain Man heading back.......Our first hike of the New Year.

After enjoying restful (lazy) days since New Year’s Day at home, it was time to get some exercise beyond our backyard. With LLBean canteens strapped to our jeans, we were off to the end of Magee Road, about a mile from Trader Joe's, where the hot top meets a dirt road and the Pima Canyon Trail. Not your flat walk. From the start you are climbing up and it’s not long before we have spectacular views of all the mountain ranges that surround Tucson, and the Saguaro cactus are everywhere you look along the rocky terrain. This is a popular trail as we meet and greet passer's by coming back from a longer journey than we will take. There’s no mistaking the grateful look of someone who has made it back to civilization once again. Recognizing that we are a little out of shape today, we will take it easy and time our hike to an hour and then start back. After all, it’s late in the day for starting a hike, 3pm, and we would not want to be up here in the dark, especially at feeding time. (For the wildlife, not us.) It was sunny and in the 70’s today, making it a refreshing first jaunt in 2009.

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dAwN said...

sounds like the type of walk i should be doing burn off the holiday calories..
we are now in the warmth of florida...close to eighty today..