Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from the Southwest

On the Today Show this morning they were asking people on the street what three words summed up 2008. I had to agree with one person and his three words. “Glad it’s over” and another’s “2008 is history”. While in most respects it was mostly positive for us; meeting new folks, welcoming back returning friends, continuing to do what we love, and having one of the most successful seasons in our 24 years with the B&B. Taking all this into account, we can certainly put 2008 in the plus column. Add our time in Arizona into the mix, and it doesn’t get much better for our split personalities/lives. In other respects, and for so many others, unfortunately it's been a train wreck.

An election in November brought us great hope for a chance for our country to start anew in 2009 with a change in the White House. Failing banks, futures threatened by the collapse of Wall Street, and American car companies needing a bailout, who would want that job? But we’re glad Obama did and hopefully new ideas and some fresh talent will pave the way to making things right again. January 20th can’t come quick enough and we can only hope the economy turns around in warp speed before more businesses fail and jobs are lost.

And while we are talking politics, Ada couldn't be happier to have read in the paper recently the official announcement that her friend Kim will be running for a second term as Mayor of Salem. As one of her varsity cheerleaders, Ada can’t wait to contribute her time and talents to make that happen. Where’s her sign?

While thankful for all that we have been blessed with in the past year, abundant sadness unfolded with the passing of a family member and three long held friendships. We will certainly miss them all, and we pray that their families enjoy continued comfort in their memories.

Blessed with health and happiness, Don and Ada wish the same, and so much more, for all our family & friends, and for all those that we are yet to meet. With great enthusiasm we look forward to 2009, surprises and all. We just hope the road into the future is repaved with progress and the potholes get filled………
(Donald says that’s too corny, but it’s ok this time of year.)


TerriD said...

2008 certainly had its highs and lows. Just want you to know though without a doubt that you and Donald were a part of some of the biggest smiles and happiest times. Here's to our next visit in 2009. Oh who am I kidding??! We are so hooked that it will be multiple visits. And we'd have it no other way!

Barbara said...

Happy New Year from the snowy east!

With our warmest and best wishes for 2009.

Barbara and Gary