Friday, August 14, 2009

All grown up and coming to Salem on her own.....

Salem couldn't have a better Ambassador.....
One of our favorite guests, Ms Ali has been coming to Salem with her Mom since she was little. Now, she is all grown up and loves sharing with her friends all the many activities she has enjoyed over the years in Salem. An aspiring journalist, she has written so many stories, most published, about her travels to the Witch City. I guess you could say she was educated in Salem, but went to school in New York. And, although she is a true Yankees fan, she gets a free pass on that matter because she is so cute.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Essex Street Fair. Banner crowds this year!

Essex Street Fair
Every year Heritage Days celebrates it's grand finale with the Essex Street Fair; a 1/2 mile gauntlet of 10' by 10' tented merchants. By the time I got down there with my camera today it was just about over, but the crowds during the weekend were shoulder to shoulder and kept all these vendors very busy on two of the nicest days, weatherwise, that we've had all summer. High 70's and sunshine certainly contributed to the success of all these merchants, and especially one crafter, Suzanne Ferruzzi of Ferruzzi Design, who was the favorite of all our guests around the breakfast table this morning with their uniquely hancrafted
Dichroic Glass Jewelry.
Meet Suzanne, and friend, designer of some really futuristic glass jewelry.
(I either need a wider lense or they need a shorter name.)

And of course, Ada always falls for these guys.
Give her the biggest bag you have!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ada is going to Fenway Park

They're for real........ They came today!
Ada just won two(2) tickets to see her Boston Red Sox in September, for her essay about why she is happy to have health insurance through the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector. While the whole nation is abuzz about health care, Massachusetts made it mandatory back in 2007. And while it is the law in our state, the program is set up so that everyone can have affordable, credible health care by offering a whole host of vetted policies that meet primary care and hospitalization requirements. No one is excluded due to existing conditions or inability to pay. There is a plan for everyone. Now she has two more reasons to be excited!
Oh...... and of course, Ada's taking Donald to the game too....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Salem's Farmers' Market

Salem's Farmers' Market (opening day photo)
After a very successful July, the Salem Farmers' Market now hosts 20 vendors offering cheese, fresh berries, freshly baked bread, squash, eggs, lobster and much, much more!
This week's entertainment at the market will feature Henley Douglas Jr. and high school music students. Visit the Salem Farmers' Market Thursday from
4 - 7 p.m. on Front Street at Derby Square.

This week show your support for the Salem Farmers Market by voting in the Love Your Farmers Market contest.
Vote for the Salem Farmers' Market at:

The winning market will receive a $5,000 donation which would be a great help in making the market the best on the North Shore!
Does all this sound familiar? Here we go again!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hocus Pocus Evening Tours

Meet Susan & Rich
When it comes to walking tours, Susan and Rich are well established in providing visitors with one of the best tours around as they take you for a journey back through time. Guided by historical facts of intriguing people, peculiar places, and events from Salem’s colonial beginnings, their 90 minute tour, starting at 7:30pm daily, rain or shine, makes for a great introduction to your visit to Salem. A pleasant evening stroll through the downtown by two amazing escorts, you won’t be disappointed. (Also, special prices for our guests through September when you mention our B&B.) After many endorsing reports from so many guests, we are happy to refer Hocus Pocus Tours to everyone. It's magical!