Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-or-treating on Winter Street 2010

Only Donald can talk a guest into doing his job.....thanks Carl (big bad grandmother wolf.)
It's a brisk evening, but they're still coming and in greater numbers than we ever expected. Hope we have enough candy.

not this guy again...... I think movie #4 will be out next year.

Misplaced her broom somewhere. Waiting for a ride....

Nancy's log me a worm!

Now Open....................

happy staff at Custom House Rotisserie....
Three weeks young, Custom House Rotisserie owner Bill Van Loon and chef Denis Griswold are serving up their “taste of home, not far from home” fare to a booming Halloween crowd today that have found their new home tucked along the pedestrian ally at 2 Liberty Street. Their menu features rotisserie chicken and turkey, meatloaf and fixings like corn bread, baked macaroni and cheese, apple and sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweet corn. The tariff ranges from about $5 for sandwiches to $25 for a family meal with main course and choice of side dishes. In addition to poultry, they offer salads, and burger and hot dogs baskets complete with french fries and a drink. While they only have 6 stools at the bar for eating in, it’s primarily a take out place. And….next week, they will start their delivery service to your home (with-in reason) or you can call ahead and pick-up the evening meal on your way home.
I smell success! Pass the gravy.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Eerie Evenings aboard the Salem Trolley.....

October has arrived............and to welcome the new Halloween season, Salem Trolley is selling two-for-one tickets for shows (tours?!) on October 1, 2, and 3rd.
Dusk transforms the city of Salem. As the city of renown seafarers and distinguished architecture fades into the shadows, a new Salem of the occult and paranormal emerges. Visit scenes of grisly murders and ghastly executions, hear tales of ghosts, both mischievous and malevolent, of Salem's haunted hotels and restaurants of long forgotten underground passageways, ancient curses and legends of ghost ships and haunted islands.
You will experience all of this and more as you ride the Salem Trolley's Eerie Evening Tour and explore Salem of the Shadows. What a perfect way to welcome October to Salem!!
Here we go............ (Photo taken by Kishgraphics)