Monday, September 29, 2008

Around our table..............

Foreign policy experience..........

Regardless of where they hail from, all our guests contribute to a lively breakfast table each morning, but I must say that those that travel from abroad add an interesting twist to the conversation. This past week we had the opportunity to host couples one morning from Ireland, Germany and Spain. While politics and religion are usually subjects that are off limits at the breakfast table, it was impossible for Donald not to ask what they all thought about our political process and the candidates running for President. Eager to engage and share their thoughts, it was obvious that this election is certainly making quite an impression, and while we will not divulge the results of our poll, it's apparent the whole world is watching.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red Sox Nation extend their season...........

"Papelbon strikes him out and the Red Sox Win!

Such excitable words of NESN broadcaster Don Orsilo that we always love to hear at the end of an evening of Red Sox Baseball. With out a doubt, last night, it was hightened by the win clinching a post season spot in the play offs as a wildcard team. Certainly, we would like them to continue winning and clinch a division title, but we are estatic to be in the play offs for the 7th season just the same. We'll take it one step at a time and be thankful. Go Red Sox!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All aboard!

Cowboy Donald at the controls of a restored Boston Trolley. Yesterday we wandered beyond our three mile radius and ventured on up to the Seaside Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine. Located about 90 miles from Salem, it's a museum in motion for the train enthusiast. We visited the exhibit barns and toured the grounds that showcased a world class collection from early horse-drawn cars to modern subways. Donald's grandfather was a trolley conductor and inspired his interest in trains and trolleys. Certainly, a great place for an engineer!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekends are for weddings.........

Today, as everyday, we are hosting guests from far and wide and so far this weekend the weather is proving to be one of those spectacular fall weekends. (Crisp in the mornings and sunny all day. Although, it's getting a bit dark too early for me.) Certainly, New England at it's best and when better for a wedding. Tomorrow, we will be celebrating the wedding of Lena & Steve's daughter and their new son-in-law. Lena and Steve, our friends that now hale from Tucson, Arizona, originally from Salem, along with so many others, (about 130, but not all staying here) will be partying hard at the Cambridge home of the bride & groom, Tracy & Randy. Because there is limited parking in Cambridge, about 9 of us have decided to go in style by Limo. Decked out in uncomfortable shoes and other stylish wearing apparel, we expect to have great fun. They say the groom's parents are hosting the party but we all know Lena is running the show............. And it will be the "Greatest Show on Earth" for sure. Pictures to follow. (above)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween is just around the corner.........

There is no place that celebrates Halloween like Salem.
And while our Mayor might be overwhelmed by these costumed small fry, she and the City are ready to host one of the busiest Halloweens ever. This year more than 140 events have been planned and published in the new Haunted Happenings Guide and Calendar, available all over town and online as a PDF on Kicking off the month long events is the Grand Parade on October 2nd and the events just keep on going through November 1st. While weekend accommodations may be sold out, midweek rooms are still available. Certainly during midweek, the shoulder to shoulder crowds will be less, no waiting in lines to attractions, and you can get a restaurant reservation for sure. This is our 24th Halloween with the B&B and it never gets old, just more fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thanks for checking out our blog. Just born yesterday, we became bloggers thanks to our friend Dawn. We hope to keep you up to date on the B&B happenings in Salem and the western front when we are 2800 miles away in Tucson, Arizona. Check back often. Ada has found a new way to keep the conversation going even after the breakfast guests have escaped the dining room table.
Ada May & Donald