Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salem CultureFest 2009

A3D, Inc.
(African Development Through Drum and Dance)
Today and tomorrow, A3D is hosting the fourth annual Salem CultureFest - an outdoor cultural experience featuring music, arts and crafts, performances, food, family, and fun!!
This event features live bands who showcase many cultures and styles, as well as other performers (storytellers, martial artists, dancers, and more) who entertain you while you enjoy exploring the unique arts, crafts, and wares of our areas finest artists and crafters.
One of the primary goals of the Salem CultureFest is to bring to the surface the many cultures and diversity found in and around Salem. For a city with such rich history, Salem should become known for what it truly is: A place to explore anytime of year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A cool dude from Jersey.........
Visiting from the the farm country of New Jersey, Mom, Dad & daughter Holly enjoyed a five day, non-stop adventure in Salem and around the North Shore. These folks didn't miss a trick. Trolley & evening walking tours in Salem, a Ferry trip to Boston, a Whale Watch in Gloucester, and a day in Rockport. Who needs sleep anyhow? Just give them a good breakfast and they were energized to go all day and night.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

June Getaway Winner...........

Brenda Boomhower
You've just won a
Two Night Getaway for Two at the Amelia Payson House.
Today we had the final drawing in our Cancer Walk fundraising event and June's winner was selected by Salem's Mayor, Kimberley Driscoll; one of our team walkers that made the 6.2 mile journey on June 21st. Truly an event we will never forget, Jen, Mary and Ada truly appreciate all the generous donations made to our team, "There's Something About Mary", that totaled $11,250 as of today for the North Shore Medical Center. To the 225 donors, we only wish you all could have won. As they say, "maybe next year".
Again, thank you all so much!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

American League 4
National League 3
and this guy stole the show

All baseball eyes were on St. Louis, MO last night as the American League met the National League on their turf for the 80th mid-year All Star Game between each league's elite players. Teams forgot rivalries for a night as they battled for their leagues advantage when the World Series comes around in October. Five Red Sox players made the trip, while the rest of the lads got to take a few days off. Only Papelbon, Youklis and Bay got to play, as Beckett and Wakefield were being saved for any needed extra inning rescue. Fortunately, that did not happen. Of course, just getting chosen is the real deal.......
It was the talk of the breakfast guests this morning as we had Cardinals fans and Brewers fans circling the table, but Don and I were careful not to remind them that they lost.............

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off to summer camp.............

Juan and his father visit from Madrid, Spain......
Although a little jet lagged, Juan is excited to be heading to the north country after breakfast to his sports camp in New Hampshire for two weeks. Last night after arriving, his main objective in Salem was to have a lobster. Seems, last year, the whole family toured New England while he was in camp and had experienced this lobster phenomenon, so off to the Lobster Shanty they went. It was everything he had hoped for............

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stepping all over the flower beds...............

New 40 ft. fence being installed today...

Good golly, finally some good weather to get some outside projects done. Built and painted in the garage in 8ft sections during all that rain in June, this carpenter's masterpiece is finally seeing the light of day. Engineered by Donald for a perfect fit, it won't be long before our neighbor's dog has the green light to come out of that house. The trampled flowers are another story.............
And did you notice, Donald must be still doing dishes too as his dish towel hasn't left his pocket. What a guy!
Happiness is a finished job, and a neighbor's "thumb's up"!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Captain America

Red Sox Captain and catcher Jason Varitek did his best Captain America impression during his team's July 4 game against Seattle as he donned patriotic catcher's gear that will be auctioned off for charity. How long do you suppose this uniform stayed this crisp white? (Red Sox are still in first place, but the Yankees are on their heels just one game back)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where did everyone go???????

The peace and quiet of the Salem Common on July 4th

Derby Wharf is where the action is on July 4th. The stage is set for a concert by the Hillyer Festival Orchestra, a US Military Flyover and then...........the Fireworks Extravaganza.!

At about 4pm the crowd is just working their way to the waterfront and Derby Wharf. Small children are busy getting their faces painted, playing games and making crafts. Food vendors have set up their tents and Ada is on the look out for the Kettlecorn folks. But before she can indulge in the junk food, she has a mission to get 50 signatures on her friend Kim's re-election papers for Mayor. We only need 100, plus 20%, so at this gathering that will grow to 20,000 by 7pm, she thinks this should be a piece of cake.
Not so fast......... It seems Salem is the place for all the surrounding towns to come to see the fireworks this year. Due to the economy and budget shortages, fireworks have been cancelled in many communities. Salem is so fortunate to have a few businesses to step up and fund this annual event. Thank you Target, Dominion Salem Harbor Station, Salem Five, Eastern Bank, Tache Real Estate, Market Basket and so many other contributors that came up with the $60,000 that it costs to put on this Fireworks Extravaganza!
So finding the Salem registered voter in this sea of Peabody, Danvers, & Swampscott residents and visitors from all over the country, might take a little longer than she anticipated. She finally decides to go for the people walking with dogs. They have to be the local residents. Bingo! 50 signatures done. Now, off to the the Kettlecorn........... There are the bags, stacked high and ready to buy. But what's that burnt smell. Better taste a sample. What a disappointment. Not up to Ada's taste buds, deciding that her microwave kettlecorn at home is by far a better idea, she says "no thank you" and goes home to get a napping Donald. The rest of the night is a fun filled evening of music and the boom, boom, boom. Mother nature finally gave us a perfect 70 degree evening with no rain in site. Who could ask for more.............
Well maybe just one more thing. Everyone truly noticed the absence of the "Friendship" which was getting some much needed repairs in Boothbay, ME. Always a very dramatic three mastered figure illuminated by the fireworks display, hopefully it will be back home at the Derby Wharf dock soon and a more picture perfect July 4th 2010.