Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where did everyone go???????

The peace and quiet of the Salem Common on July 4th

Derby Wharf is where the action is on July 4th. The stage is set for a concert by the Hillyer Festival Orchestra, a US Military Flyover and then...........the Fireworks Extravaganza.!

At about 4pm the crowd is just working their way to the waterfront and Derby Wharf. Small children are busy getting their faces painted, playing games and making crafts. Food vendors have set up their tents and Ada is on the look out for the Kettlecorn folks. But before she can indulge in the junk food, she has a mission to get 50 signatures on her friend Kim's re-election papers for Mayor. We only need 100, plus 20%, so at this gathering that will grow to 20,000 by 7pm, she thinks this should be a piece of cake.
Not so fast......... It seems Salem is the place for all the surrounding towns to come to see the fireworks this year. Due to the economy and budget shortages, fireworks have been cancelled in many communities. Salem is so fortunate to have a few businesses to step up and fund this annual event. Thank you Target, Dominion Salem Harbor Station, Salem Five, Eastern Bank, Tache Real Estate, Market Basket and so many other contributors that came up with the $60,000 that it costs to put on this Fireworks Extravaganza!
So finding the Salem registered voter in this sea of Peabody, Danvers, & Swampscott residents and visitors from all over the country, might take a little longer than she anticipated. She finally decides to go for the people walking with dogs. They have to be the local residents. Bingo! 50 signatures done. Now, off to the the Kettlecorn........... There are the bags, stacked high and ready to buy. But what's that burnt smell. Better taste a sample. What a disappointment. Not up to Ada's taste buds, deciding that her microwave kettlecorn at home is by far a better idea, she says "no thank you" and goes home to get a napping Donald. The rest of the night is a fun filled evening of music and the boom, boom, boom. Mother nature finally gave us a perfect 70 degree evening with no rain in site. Who could ask for more.............
Well maybe just one more thing. Everyone truly noticed the absence of the "Friendship" which was getting some much needed repairs in Boothbay, ME. Always a very dramatic three mastered figure illuminated by the fireworks display, hopefully it will be back home at the Derby Wharf dock soon and a more picture perfect July 4th 2010.


TerriD said...

You make 4th of July in Salem sound like an episode of the Gilmore Girls when the town has a fair! Okay now we'll want to experience that too :-) You realize we came in May, Ali and James are coming in August, we are coming in September, we'll all be in town for Halloween night and we'll be in town for the Christmas house tours. How much to just buy our room??? :-)

Arizona Girl said...

Big Bucks!

TerriD said...

If we win MegaMillions tonight I'll pay you in person :-) lol Good Luck to US!!!!