Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swiss and British visitors.........

Mornings at the Amelia Payson House are most often an international event and today we welcome visitors from Switzerland and England to our breakfast table. It's so common this time of year to host travelers from so many countries around the globe; all preferring to visit New England in the fall when the cool crisp air is perfect for sightseeing.

What is it about those changing leaves??? New England is the place to be in September and October and these folks are enjoying every bit of it. While the itineraries are moving more through New Hampshire and Vermont these months, rather than the coastal beaches, the next six weeks will be super busy and a blurr for all of us in the hospitality business. Everyone that's coming is looking forward to a spectacular leaf peeping season. We all hope Mother Nature comes through with all her true colors and beautiful weather; surely setting the stage for so many wonderful vacation memories. New England's own "stimulas" program.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Political junkies………

Ok, when you don’t have a local election (so glad) there’s always another candidate that could use your help. Today, when most folks were out picking apples or just enjoying a great fall day, I walked a North Salem neighborhood for Duval Patrick in his re-election bid as Governor of Massachusetts. It certainly sounded like a fun idea on Thursday when Jason asked, “What are you doing on Saturday. Would you like to canvas a neighborhood for Gov. Duval Patrick? ” Sure….. So off I went, originally with the Mayor and another friend, to check out, as one might say, the political climate.
By and large, folks were positive, some were talkative, and others just let me say my piece and leave some literature. No dogs or people bit me. (My biggest fear.) Just a nice afternoon chitchatting. One street was even hosting a block party. Although I was hungry, I didn’t have the nerve to ask for a hotdog. A few of the streets were deserted as I’m sure they were off doing Saturday errands or picking those apples we alluded to earlier. Of course, there was a list and I was either going to finish the list or run out of flyers. I would have preferred to finish the list, (I hate turning in unfinished work.) but with 80% of the list complete, the flyers ran out and I called it a day after about two hours. All and all, some exercise and helping our Governor, it turned out to be a good way to spend a sunny September Saturday in Salem. I hope he wins. He has my vote, along with my shoe leather.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Hurricane??????

New England was very fortunate that hurricane Earl decided to take a more easterly tack on Friday, and while we had our concerns about possible power outages that might affect the operation and comfortablility of guests this weekend, ours guests, New Yorkers with a sense of adventure, weren’t about to have a little storm ruin their long Labor Day weekend plans and came just as planned. Needless to say, a few leaves blew off the trees and we had a bit of rain, but nothing anywhere near predictions and everyone was relieved and ready to go Saturday morning when daylight brought sunshine, blue skies and a cool front that came in from the west. A picture perfect fall day for sure………..Ok, where's the Trolley?