Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009, This is it!

Candy Man

Off to the "Reality Bites" Costume party at the Hawthorne Hotel
I hear crateman won 2nd prize!

Bride and Groom, pretty scary couple!

Halloween Day, the night will be another story

Ok, the day has finally arrived. It's so quiet outside this morning. The lull before the chaos of tonight's crowds. Should be a good day weatherwise; mild temperature with a slight breeze. let the pictures tell the story.
Marie at Sophia's waiting to sell to the crowds....
Caffe Graziani crew ready to feed the crowds.....
Wheaton College Glee

Casino Girl

Witch sitting for a spell

Till death do us part.........

a Mazing kids

Mr. Foliage

And ...... they just all want to have fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Picture perfect......
Always ready to take your picture, Ada & Don take lots of them, and usually with other people's cameras, so it's nice to see the results every now and then. This one came today via e-mail with a nice message imprinted in the image. A keepsake for sure. Thanks Laura and Sarah.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vintage Photgraphy

Minnesota bound brooms......
All the rage, and a lot fun to boot, Vintage Photography in Salem has them lining up at 172 Essex Street to have there photos taken in Halloween garb for that souvenir 8 x 10 portrait. This mother and daughter certainly got into the "spirit" of the season and can't wait to show the folks back home their "good witch" photos.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recognizing greatness, but Ada's not taking anything for granted…..

Re-Elect Kim Driscoll for Mayor

I know it's Halloween in Salem, but Ada’s friend Kim is running for re-election, and although it’s a quiet election year (really no opposition for her) no one is taking anything for granted. Most likely, the signs will be a public service reminder to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, as we do have a few Ward Councilor, Councilor at Large, and School Committee races that people need to come out and vote for. For sure, Ada will do whatever she can to see that Kim has great exposure on Winter Street. Besides, she has her volunteer job as Girl Thursday to secure. Now, if you could only see her car!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Side by side.........

Standing on the corner, watching all the visitors stroll by......
Well, we couldn't be in a better spot (entrance to the Visitor's Center) or partnered with a better business than the Witch Museum, the Amelia Payson House is a proud sponsor of one of the many Haunted Happenings Banners that decorate the lamp posts lining the streets of Salem this October. While Biff keeps me company on the post, we've been seeing record crowds coming and going as the city has certainly rolled out the fun carpet. I hope you're coming, as there isn't a better place than Salem to be in October and at Halloween. You'll have a "spooktacular" good time for sure!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Off to the Topsfield Fair

LeAnn Rimes

While everyone in Salem is enjoying the Biz Baz Fair and Kids Day on the Common tomorrow, Donald and Ada will have slipped out of town to go to the Topsfield Fair; probably the oldest continuing harvest fair in the country. Crafts, 4H, Midway, Clydesdale's, Flying Wallendas, not to mention the curly fries, kettlecorn, fried dough and a 1400 lb pumpkin. All that and more, but the real reason we are going: a LeAnn Rimes concert in the arena. A Mississippi girl, she is Donald’s favorite flavor and has watched her grown up from the 13 year old that hit the country music scene with her 1st number one hit “Blue”, to the "all grown up" professional she is today. She is truly one of the shinning stars of Country Music.........

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let the Halloween fun begin.........

I know it's only October 1st, but in Salem, we celebrate Halloween all month long. And tonight, residents and visitors lined the parade route along Derby, Washington and Essex Streets to watch the Grand Halloween Parade. The theme this year was "A Night at the Museum", so there were costumed Sacagawea's, Teddy Roosevelt's, Cowboys, Dinosaurs, tiny Romans, Pharaoh's and mischievous monkeys; all lead by the Grand Marshalls, Mayor Kim Driscoll, and the Hero of the Year, retiring Police Chief Robert St.Pierre. Certainly, a great kickoff to a really fun month and spooktacular good time in the Witch City.
(Thanks Kate Fox for the pictures.)