Friday, October 9, 2009

Off to the Topsfield Fair

LeAnn Rimes

While everyone in Salem is enjoying the Biz Baz Fair and Kids Day on the Common tomorrow, Donald and Ada will have slipped out of town to go to the Topsfield Fair; probably the oldest continuing harvest fair in the country. Crafts, 4H, Midway, Clydesdale's, Flying Wallendas, not to mention the curly fries, kettlecorn, fried dough and a 1400 lb pumpkin. All that and more, but the real reason we are going: a LeAnn Rimes concert in the arena. A Mississippi girl, she is Donald’s favorite flavor and has watched her grown up from the 13 year old that hit the country music scene with her 1st number one hit “Blue”, to the "all grown up" professional she is today. She is truly one of the shinning stars of Country Music.........

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Sarah Duzynski said...

The diving horses were at Topsfield Fair. I am not sure what year they were there, but I have a photo of it.