Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Day, the night will be another story

Ok, the day has finally arrived. It's so quiet outside this morning. The lull before the chaos of tonight's crowds. Should be a good day weatherwise; mild temperature with a slight breeze. let the pictures tell the story.
Marie at Sophia's waiting to sell to the crowds....
Caffe Graziani crew ready to feed the crowds.....
Wheaton College Glee

Casino Girl

Witch sitting for a spell

Till death do us part.........

a Mazing kids

Mr. Foliage

And ...... they just all want to have fun!


TerriD said...

OMG Mr. Foliage is an awesone costume!! It was great to see Salem actually on Halloween! We had so much fun :-) :-) And of course we were so happy to see you guys before you dust off your hats and hit the road. We'll miss you in December!! BUT we'll take lots of pics for you.

TerriD said...

Your slideshow is awesome!!