Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recognizing greatness, but Ada's not taking anything for granted…..

Re-Elect Kim Driscoll for Mayor

I know it's Halloween in Salem, but Ada’s friend Kim is running for re-election, and although it’s a quiet election year (really no opposition for her) no one is taking anything for granted. Most likely, the signs will be a public service reminder to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, as we do have a few Ward Councilor, Councilor at Large, and School Committee races that people need to come out and vote for. For sure, Ada will do whatever she can to see that Kim has great exposure on Winter Street. Besides, she has her volunteer job as Girl Thursday to secure. Now, if you could only see her car!


AMalwayswriting said...

Go Kim!!!!!

TerriD said...

Go Ada May and Kim!!! With all the time we spend in Salem we should be allowed to come vote! :-)