Sunday, August 9, 2009

Essex Street Fair. Banner crowds this year!

Essex Street Fair
Every year Heritage Days celebrates it's grand finale with the Essex Street Fair; a 1/2 mile gauntlet of 10' by 10' tented merchants. By the time I got down there with my camera today it was just about over, but the crowds during the weekend were shoulder to shoulder and kept all these vendors very busy on two of the nicest days, weatherwise, that we've had all summer. High 70's and sunshine certainly contributed to the success of all these merchants, and especially one crafter, Suzanne Ferruzzi of Ferruzzi Design, who was the favorite of all our guests around the breakfast table this morning with their uniquely hancrafted
Dichroic Glass Jewelry.
Meet Suzanne, and friend, designer of some really futuristic glass jewelry.
(I either need a wider lense or they need a shorter name.)

And of course, Ada always falls for these guys.
Give her the biggest bag you have!


TerriD said...

I love Essex Street when it is just quiet enough that you hear the footsteps on the bricks. I also love it when it just hits night fall. But I also love it when the stands are out and people are fluttering by - hhhmmm guess I just always love it.

dAwN said...

Howdee you two..
here I am catching up with you two.
Trader joes sells an awesome kettle corn..but I think u must know that!
We are headed west today from ct.
will be in montana in a week..then yellowstone, tetons, oregon, norrhern cal, vegas, and Arizona in Jan I think.
See u both out west!

Arizona Girl said...

Sounds like a trip...... Can I come too? We will leave Nov. 7th and still beat you to Arizona. Can't wait to see you two. Make sure you are there for Lena's birthday and the KFC.........