Friday, August 7, 2009

Ada is going to Fenway Park

They're for real........ They came today!
Ada just won two(2) tickets to see her Boston Red Sox in September, for her essay about why she is happy to have health insurance through the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector. While the whole nation is abuzz about health care, Massachusetts made it mandatory back in 2007. And while it is the law in our state, the program is set up so that everyone can have affordable, credible health care by offering a whole host of vetted policies that meet primary care and hospitalization requirements. No one is excluded due to existing conditions or inability to pay. There is a plan for everyone. Now she has two more reasons to be excited!
Oh...... and of course, Ada's taking Donald to the game too....


TerriD said...

Have fun! And that is the one game I hope the Red Sox win!!

dAwN said...

Have a great time! Hope the sox get themselves together by then so u can watch a winning game!