Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Velvet Elvis in Patagonia, Arizona

Donald, Judy, Steve & Lena (Ada behind the camera, calling the shot)

About 40 miles southeast of Tucson you enter the "Mountain Empire" of Sonoita and Patagonia, Arizona. Right out of "Little House on the Prairie" (which is where they filmed that opening footage) these two communities blend western civilization and Mexican art quite nicely. It is surrounded by a few mountain ranges, rolling hills, Black Angus steer ranches, Cowboys for sure, and a gal, Cecillia, who inported pizza recipes from Brooklyn and opened up a pizza and calzone parlor in the middle of of it all in honor of both "Elvis" and "Our Lady of Guadalupe". We all had pizza, of course. Limonada Rosa (hibiscus and lime) was the drink of the day. We've been here before and while the scenery is the draw; grasslands, vineyards, Brahma bulls and horses, it is also a haven for birdwatchers, especially at the Nature Conservatory and Patagonia State Park. Peace and quite prevails. Artist migrate and never leave.


dAwN said...

I LOVE a birder it is THE PLACE... I am glad you all took the trip..hope its warmer there then here...burrrrrrrrr...
dont forget to come to my blog and pick up your award..

AMalwayswriting said...

Sounds absolutely breathtaking. Ada May, you're making me want to go to Arizona!!

Oh, and your friend Dawn is a sweetheart. She was helping me with my Obama blog as I want to get more viewers for it -- she's so nice!