Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hanging up my cleats on Monday………..

Ok, it’s week 17 of the NFL season and crunch time. After dropping out of first place by 2 points last week on my SalemCity Fantasy Football Team, it looks like Mr. Frank n Beans is in a great position to take the win from the Arizona Girl. But, not so fast, it’s not over just yet. It will be a tense line up of 16 games tomorrow, and while I can’t watch them all, there are fresh batteries in the remote for surfing back and forth. (Donald doesn’t have a prayer of getting control of it. He might as well read his paper.)
Everyone has their strategy, but I must stay cool and make wise choices. Wish me luck. I’ll need it for sure! After all, I’m representing the Mayors office staff and Frank is playing for all those Planners. Besides, the win is for the Mayor’s favorite food group, pizza. Regardless of the outcome, tears or cheers, good sportsmanship will prevail. Check back on Monday, I’m sure the suspense is killing you……….
Sunday morning and I'm still changing my picks. I'm certain emotion and doubt are affecting my choices. Good thing I'm not in Vegas. Loyalty is favoring my selection. I'm finding myself routing for teams to lose that I would otherwise pick, just to help the Patriots gain a playoff berth. And then there are my favorite QB's; Tony, Brett, Eli, Payton, & Matt. Add into the mix my love for Tennessee as a state and it's a real conflict. I should just go for a hike today and let all the cards land where they may, but no, I'll be on that couch watching, squirming it out, however long it takes to play 16 games....... Go Patriots!

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TerriD said...

Good Luck today!!!! We are off to the gym now as Frank also wants to be back for "Football Day". If we were closer Donald & I could have had 'paper time' while you two yelled and cheered at the TV! lol