Sunday, December 28, 2008

And the winner is.......

Frank n Beans
SalemCity’s Fantasy Football Winner!

It’s been an exciting 17 weeks playing ESPN’s Fantasy Football with all my friends at Salem City Hall and staying connected from afar. As a first time player, and somewhat green about all the 32 teams of the NFL, I’ve certainly had a crash course in Football 101. While never expecting to come close to winning, I did want to be a contender and finish each week with respectful numbers. After all, Ada May always plays to win. But as the season moved along, I found myself not only holding my own, but in the lead for a short while, and this became pretty exciting. With my eyes on the prize, actually winning would certainly be a longshot, and I always expected I would be put in my rightful place on the roster. Sunday, fighting the good fight, was that day. And so it was….2nd place. Not too shabby, I say. Donald thinks it’s great that I gave everyone a fun run for their money. I think I did, and Frank truly deserves to win. In the home stretch he really was on his game. Will I do it again next year? Probably, but right now I think I’ve watched enough TV and it’s time to get a life. The playoffs? I’ll watch with some interest, but now that our Patriots are out of the mix, probably not to closely. As they say, maybe next year........... Baseball anyone ???????


TerriD said...

Congrats!! I think 2nd place is fantastic and when you add that you are new to it - it is amazing! Actually I do not follow football but if I am correct the NY Jets need a new manager - they could use you! And I'd get to have you in NY - a total win for me!

HAPPY & HEALTHY 2009 to you, Donald, your family and all your blog followers!!

dAwN said...

good job...second place!

A Very Happy New Year to you and Don Juan!
we are leaving this darn cold place tomorrow!