Friday, January 9, 2009

Just hanging around………..

What dumb builder put that thermostat in the middle of my decorating space.......
The last few days we have done little outside of the house, but every year at New Year’s, Ada’s resolution is to get any project brought into the house the previous year, done! And that usually means hanging some posters or finishing odd jobs. Putting a dangling carrot like planning to have company, helps to give her that extra push. This year, we have three posters to hang and a laundry room to paint. The frames were bought right away as Aarons has their 1-cent sale every January. (Buy one frame at regular price; get the second frame for a penny.) Usually buying the frame is easy, attaching the hardware is the part Ada doesn’t like, so engineer Donald graciously does all that. The big deal is where they should go. Ada feels she is the decorator so she gets to pick, based on wall availability and color. Of course, Donald with the hammer and nail is 6ft tall and Ada is 5’2”, so eye level is the only obstacle we really face. Up, no down a little, this tug of war continues until Donald gives up and Ada gets her way. Perfect!
Painting the laundry room is another story. Ada has picked out two colors she likes. Donald has an opinion, but says. “What ever makes you happy makes me happy.” He has painted every square inch in the house, so he is off the hook for this last job. And besides, Ada remembers Anita is coming from England in a few weeks and she has a great eye for color and loves projects. Consider this, “in the can”! New Years resolution complete………

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dAwN said...

Oh goodie...projects..wish i was there to help! I love projects.
I love the newly framed poster..
I agree with you about thermostats is definitely not a woman who places them! tee hee