Monday, January 19, 2009

A day on the glitzy Las Vegas strip..............

Brenda & Dave at the Venetian.

(Vegas knows how to take you for a ride.)

We're back from Vegas and yes, we still have our shirts. I think we all had a great time, and we certainly had wonderful weather all week. 65 degrees and sunny every day, no wind, just perfect walking around temperatures, even at night. The slide show to right is just a smidgen of the photos taken of just one day on the strip. We played at all these places, taking winnings from some casinos and leaving them in others. Donald and Dave played the tables once. Roulette I think. They really only swapped each other’s money. After 20 minutes, we had one winning smile and one grimacing frown. Brenda and Ada just played the slots, although Ada got brave at Treasure Island and put $20 in the dollar machine. She bet the maximum, $5, and won $126 on the first spin. She cashed out immediately. This didn’t happen too often, just enough to keep her on the positive side and smiling……. She hates to lose!

More to come, if you can stand it!

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dAwN said...

Well I am certainly happy to hear you didnt loose your shirts and actually won. Smart girl to cash out!
look forward to hearing more of you Vegas adventure.