Saturday, January 10, 2009

Off to Vegas………….

We’re off to Las Vegas to meet some friends, Brenda and David, who are flying in from Florida. It’s about an 8hr drive and a one-hour time change for us, and we will be traveling some of the most desolate roads you can imagine. So much of the topography in the farthest northwest corner of Arizona looks like you are on the moon. Fortunately, lunch on the way will be in civilized Wickenburg, one of Arizona’s best cowboy towns and a favorite place of Ada’s. After that, the road trip will be pretty lonely and isolated and we will be glad for sure that we had the car serviced before we left. They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but my lips will not be sealed. I will tell you all about it when we return, or maybe before if wireless access is available. We expect to take our friends, their first visit, to many adventures off the strip like Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley. Gambling will probably happen, especially if Ada gets near the sports betting area. She has all this pent up Fantasy Football knowledge and can’t wait to put her $5 on the Giants.


TerriD said...

Have fun and good luck!!! I am glad your lips will not be sealed as I have an insane week ahead of me at work and will be waiting for your adventures to come popping in my in-box! I am tempted to say the heck with the life of accounting and hop the next plan out to Vegas and meet you. The Venetician Hotel has my favorite ice cream in the whole world. It is called Baci and until I went to Vegas I only had it in Italy. Okay I better stop talking about it or I will be on a plane!

dAwN said...

oh have a great time...I look forward to hearing about your adventures!