Monday, October 6, 2008

Not so fast........ There's more Fenway franks to sell!

For those of us that endured 5 hours and 12 innings of baseball last night, we’re dragging just a bit today, disappointed, but not ready to panic. Our Red Sox just need one more night to clinch the ALDS title and take it to the next level. I’m sure our main man, John Lester, will meet the challenge and will please the hometown crowd with a win tonight. I, once again, will forgo beauty sleep and be watching this game that doesn’t start till 8:37pm. Ugh!

Did anyone say Monday Night Football? Now that I’m participating in a fantasy football league, the Salem City team, Donald thinks I have morphed into a sports nut. After making my picks, Donald has no chance with the remote all day as I switch back and forth rooting for teams I have no affiliation with. With the exception of the Patriots, who won by the way, hallelujah, my picks are the results of home team advantage, injuries, warm states playing in cold states, a few statistics from a previous year or results so far. And then there is women intuition. That is the real ace in my hand. Donald, although not officially on the team, makes his picks more scientifically. Being an engineer you would think he would study the stats. No, he decides each week differently. One week he goes inny, menny, minny, moe or whether he likes the color of the uniforms. (He will never pick the Bengal’s to win, as he really hates those helmets.) Yesterday, he just picked the opposite of what I picked. Seeing I picked 10 correct yesterday, that’s not working too well for him. In any case, one more game tonight puts all this to rest until Thursday when ESPN reminds me that we get to do it all over again for next Sunday. I need to get a life…………….


TerriD said...

You are hysterical! :-) It is no wonder that cowboy of yours loves you! Well this New Yorker stayed up and watched your game last night as there is no NY baseball for me. Now now no nasty comeback - afterall I did wish your boys well. Good luck tonight. If anything I want them to win so you have less to juggle.

dAwN said...

Gooooo Sox....was up last night as well...good job on the the slideshow and new pictures on the sidebar...pretty smart figured out the slideshow without my help..all looks good..