Saturday, October 25, 2008

The crowds have arrived...........
I took a walk around town today to get the pulse of the activity about town. From Oktoberfest tents to vendors galore, Salem is certainly hosting record crowds and a booming economy. Our guests are all over town having the best Halloween of their adult lives. They are taking in the cultural and the spooky. Whoever would have thought the two could co-exist. I think it is refreshing that they crave the historical as well as the hysterical. These guest are savvy. The have come prepared with advance reservations to so many events, thanks to the Internet, and they are checking them off like they are on a scavenger hunt. At breakfast it is a "tell and share" communication session and new guests are being mentored by those that have been here longer on the best approach to get it all in. People are truly having a good time and Salem is doing a great job at keeping them entertained.
Now, parking and traffic, that's a whole other blog in itself.

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