Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween at City Hall

As the Girl Thursday at City Hall each week, my husband really thinks all I do there is party. Fortunately, there is always someone having a birthday, or something special to celebrate, and here comes the cake or pizza. (The Mayor's favorite food groups.) While Mayor Kim was not in costume today, she was there in appreciation of those that were.

They don't call them planners for nothing. The City Planning Department certainly has the Halloween spirit and had a clever group costume theme. Do you recognize these Jo's: Box of Duncan Donut's Joe, Sloppy Joe, Jo-Anne Fabrics, Joe the Plumber, Joe the Bartender, Queen Josephine, and JoJo Pussycat Doll. Where's Joe Madden hiding? (he had a nerve!)
Rich, not sure who he is, but he's a hoot!

Tom, he's the top banana.............. check out those legs

Sara, she's not only creative, she always brings the best deserts!

The missing Joe: Trader Joe (second from left)

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dAwN said...

Some great costumes....looks like salem is going to have a great Halloween...Boooooooooooo ..did i scare u?