Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Soxtober

Ready or not, here comes Halloween, the baseball playoffs and the endless political commercials and robo calls. As usual, we expect October to fly by; just a blur before you can say "trick or treat". But before we fast forward, Salem will host so many visitors for a month long Haunted Happenings festival and we are all hoping (some of us praying) for perfect weather to truly make it a successful season. Today it is pouring buckets, but the weathermen say it will clear tomorrow and continue to be sunny throughout the weekend. (One weekend down, four more to go.) The Grand Parade kicks off the events tomorrow night so we'll all be lining the streets to see all the kids, big and little, young and old, strut their best costumes. The theme this year is "Never, Neverland" so we expect to see hundred's of Captain Hook's, Peter Pan's, Wendy's, Tinkerbell's, alligators, and children who never grow up.......This is the 27th year of Haunted Happenings and it "never" fails to entertain.......... I hope you're coming!

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