Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's do or die.....the last Fantasy Football Sunday

Week 17 and it’s the final Fantasy Football Sunday for team: SalemCiy…… and Donald can’t wait for it to be over. All 32 NFL teams will play their games today and then the playoffs begin. Fortunately for Donald, Ada’s “SalemCity” teammates have only signed up for the regular season, so her victory or misery will soon be over. Currently in first place, but only by a point, “Arizona Girl” has felt the pressure of “Guy is a Girl” on her heels for the whole season. Up against a formidable player, Ada has had a lot of lucky breaks, but Jane is real good. The real deal is that both of them are leaving Mr. Frank n’ Beans in the dust. The girls rule for sure. We’ll just have to see which one…………. WE ARE READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!


TerriD said...


Arizona Girl said...

Thanks Terri.......... Got first 9 out of 9 games correct. Great start to the day. Not doing so well with the second set of games today, but mathmatically I don't think I can loose.