Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arizona Girl wins "SalemCity" Fantasy Football

The games have all been played and the final scores are in. Hallelujah, Fantasy Football is all over for the 2009 Season. While Ada will admit it's definitely more fun to win, especially after coming so close last year, the real deal was sharing the sport with all her friends back in Salem. Certainly, it will be pizza for everyone when she gets back home. Let the post season begin, but Ada will
only be rooting for the Patriots and hoping they make it to the SuperBowl. Beyond that, her Sundays will be spent paying more attention to Donald, who has been most accommodating by watching more football than he ever bargained for.


TerriD said...

Congrats!!! You should start writing a sports column - you are a sports wiz!!Good luck to your Patriots!

Arizona Girl said...

Nope.....I've hung up my cleats!