Saturday, April 18, 2009

Window Box competition………

Spring has arrived and it’s always a race to see who in the neighborhood gets their window boxes planted first. While mine won’t be as spectacular as some of the ones up and down Winter Street, they usually have the distinction of being ahead of the pack. Maybe not contest winning; but don’t you think we are off to a pretty start? Granted, you have to like pansies, pansies or pansies, as it’s still too chilly in New England to plant much else, although, I did sneak some daffodils in the middle of each window box.
Not one to get her hands dirty, Ada cheated a bit and brought her window boxes over to Marblehead Gardens. They have a deal too good to be true. If you buy the flowers and a bag of dirt there, they plant them for $10. Of course, Donald agrees this is a real bargain as well, especially when he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty either… Now, who do we get to water them eveyday?

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TerriD said...

I think your window boxes are lovely! See we really do belong in Salem - how excited would Frank be about this?? He had me moving fountain grasses yesterday. Not so sure how much help I was as I had no idea they are over 100 pounds! Then last night we were off to buy trees - I think they are called arbivites? Something like that. They act as a wall around the deck.