Thursday, April 9, 2009

Celebrating 25 Years of Fun!

The Roberts' are back from their Western hiatus and are excited to be
Celebrating their 25th Year with the B&B.
Open the doors. Let the fun begin!
Ok, where did the time go? Could it have been a just a dream? Well, if it is, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised after hearing thousand’s of guest’s say that this is a business they have always dreamed of operating. All I know is, that if it is a dream, it’s been full of wonderful people, some characters, and a lot of good times; where visitors become friends for life in the process………..

A labor of love, life at the B&B has had many rewards and only a few disappointments. The ability to work side by side (or upstairs from) your spouse, and the short commute to work each morning from the third floor to the kitchen, are just a few of the perks that running a B&B provides. While long days are the norm, each one is as different as the guests that visit and leave that special footprint in our memory. People always query about the high maintenance guest, expecting tales of horror, but for sure they are far and few between. Usually, most of the off day stories are “this old house issues”, especially when comfort amenities fail to work or outside forces beyond our control cause interruptions in our perfect world. Looking back, these moments make for some funny tales, but, we won’t tell.

While the length of our journey is considered a milestone in the industry, we couldn’t imagine doing anything different; a do over for sure. Now, even though we have reached retirement status, we look forward to future years at the B&B, one at a time, and all the people we are yet to meet. It’s a lifestyle we have come to love and we truly appreciate all the wonderful and faithful guests that have contributed to our 25-year success.

And We Thank You,
Ada May & Donald Roberts


TerriD said...

We should be thanking you guys! Just from my experience I know that you have given Ali & me such special memories of our trips together that we'll always have. I am sure that there are endless people that could say the same thing. Ali & I are even luckier because besides the amazing vacations at the B&B, the fabulous food, the laughs around your table - we have found two special friends that are more like family than the ones on the ol family tree. Is it selfish to ask for another 25 years at least??!

dAwN said...

Wow..congrats on your 25th year..may you have as many more years at your B&B as you would like!