Friday, February 13, 2009

Salem Trolley Welcomes back Dave and his new partner Jim………

Along with us (Amelia Payson House), the Salem Trolley this year celebrates 25 year of superior service and I’m glad to report that my friend David Butler, and his partner Jim Hurrell, now re-own the Salem Trolley. And……. all the better for us, as we have partnered with them to offer our guests a truly special promotion when booking their April reservation by March 25th; a complimentary Trolley Tour. How great is that!
You might remember Dave and his wife Brenda from the Las Vegas blogs. (I knew Dave could not stay retired for long.)
Dave & Jim have been fixtures in downtown Salem for decades. David also owns the Trolley Depot store, Salemdipity at Pickering Wharf and the Wicked Goods store. Jim is the owner of the Witch Dungeon, Witch History Museum and the Pirate Museum. Certainly they will be a tourism force in Salem and I expect a lot of special things happening for visitor with combination tickets and more………. Don and I wish them great success!


TerriD said...

Ali & I LOVE the Trolley!! We take it everytime! The funny thing is we could give the tour ourselves because we know it so well BUT it is a must. I tell Ali that when she is older I will only give my consent for her to marry if she promises we still go to Salem together!!

AMalwayswriting said...

It's true. She does. Ah! Must. go. back.

Missing the town and you guys very much!!!!