Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

OH MY........... I almost forgot. Us old folks celebrated last night as we wanted to get ahead of the crowds. And it worked. The restaurant was fairly empty and the service was great too. We went to an Italian restaurant, "Bellisimo", and it was......... We even had dessert!
Enjoy your Valentine today.


dAwN said...

Dessert sounds good...Jeff and I are going out shortly...Yummm.
I cant wait for dessert..tee hee

TerriD said...

Happy Valentine's Day! a day belated :-) Frankie & I went to a restaurant here in Lake Placid that we went to on our honeymoon. Actually we go out alot the night before Valentine's as it is our wedding anniversary so we do a 2 for 1 celebration. I think he planned our wedding day that way! Saves on flowers and all :-)