Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's the residents moving in soon

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

By tonight we will have a new President, and while I'm glad that all the robo calling and TV commercials will come to a halt, I can't help but feel that there will be a void on Wednesday. I guess it's common to feel some withdrawal and hopefully sheer joy will take it's place. I'm certainly hoping that my candidate wins, but I'm worried about my dear friend Lena if he doesn't. Last time she didn't get out of bed for three days after Kerry lost as she worked so hard on his campaign out in Arizona. There will be no living with her if she is disappointed again. (Thanksgiving dinner at her house will definitely be cancelled, a real shame.) The last election catapulted her into politics in a big way as she proceeded to run for State Representative for her District in Tucson. This energized democrat not only won, she topped the ticket.

Whatever happens today, we are indeed going to see change. And for my friend Lena's sake, and my favorite meal, I'm expecting a celebration. Go vote!

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dAwN said...

time for celebration...get that big turkey...we can all have a wonderful thanksgiving meal...This is awesum!!!!!