Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning. The pies are in the oven and Donald is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and his favorite balloon character, Buzz Light Year, just came down the parade route. It's a lazy morning and I'm trying to save my appetite for the big meal.

Lena & Judy

Yummmmmm, I can smell Lena’s turkey cooking from my house…….
Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday for many reasons and this year especially as we are so glad to be out west and enjoying the day with Lena and Steve, Rhonda, Dan, Nancy, Gloria and Sully, and Judy, who traveled from Salem to celebrate the holiday week in Tucson. While we all have so much be thankful for, nothing matches having Lena back in her kitchen cooking up a storm and directing the rest of us. Although it has been a long recovery after her stoke last November, what a difference a year makes. She, as usual, has beaten the odds with defiant will and a lot of hard work, and we all couldn't’t be more thankful to have her back, almost new, and with a flare. Now that’s a Happy Thanksgiving!

Three Caballeros


dAwN said...


AMalwayswriting said...

yay! you know, I have many things on my list to be thankful for this year -- and you and Don and my trips to Salem with my mom are one of the many aspects I love and cherish and appreciate!

Miss you guys already and it's only been a few weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful having everybody here and nothing says lovin like somethin from the oven. OY!!!

It was all shake and bake and Judy helped!!

Love those Rockie Mountain Oysters--
And so it goes.