Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heard Museum Indian Art Fair

This weekend the 53rd Annual Heard Museum celebrates the rich art and heritage of the Natives peoples from across the American continent at the Indian Fair and Market in Phoenix, Az. The fair is a major event in furthering the Heard Museum’s mission of educating all of us about the cultures and arts of the Native Americans. The rich heritage of the American Native tribes can be found not only in the collections found at the museum, but also in the dynamic living cultures preserved by the arts and artisans who were chosen to be a part of this highly juried and significant occasion. From the intricate pottery designs and the story telling within rug weaving, to the precious jewelry we all long to wear, it’s a fun filled two days where the tribes from all over the Southwest have come to share and sell their wares; and all complemented with native entertainment, dance, and oh yes, the fry bread. Don and I are personally curious this year, as this year they are spotlighting the people from the Sonoran Desert, the O’odham tribe; a tribe that lies within our back yard of Tucson. We are bringing our visitors from England along, Anita and David. In addition to the dreamy weather, they too, over the years, have fallen in love with all of the Southwest’s beauty, history and spectacular art of both the western Cowboy, and Native Americans……

 Basket weaving
Rug weaving
 fun art
 Ada makes a new friend, Chief Easy
 Sketching his next masterpiece
Ceremonial costume
 need a bolo tie?

Navaho rugs........a story in each design

Donald's new bracelet.........

Lunch!   fry bread


dAwN said...

Did they have hoop dancing? I want that fry bread! Nice bracelet Don Juan has! Guess you decided to stay a bit longer in AZ..let us know when you are on your way back..might run into you!

Ada May & Donald Roberts @ Amelia Payson House B&B said...

Dawn, the event was so spread out and bigger than I've ever seen, so they probably were doing hoop dancing among so much entertainment. Donald went to the Indian Art Fair at the Arizona State Museum with Lena & Steve while I was working the rodeo and saw a bracelet and didn't buy it. It was on his mind since, so we were glad they were having most of the same artistans at the one in Phoenix.
We leave Tucson on April 9th and it will take about six days to get to Port St. Lucie, because of a few stops along the way. It would be great if you are somewhere enroute or in Florida. Miss ya!

TerriD said...

It looks awesome! Ali and I are stopping through Salem in a week and a half as I have a conference nearby. Looking forward to it but it will not be home without our cowboy and cowgirl and your heart shapped waffles!