Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not a whole lot of work going on here............

Ada enjoys a nice lunch today with Meghann, Jason, Kim & Jen.

As the B&B season comes to a close and we head off to enjoy our western lives for a while, Ada will certainly miss her Girl Thursday duties and all the great folks at City Hall, especially these folks.
And if you haven't been to the Adriatic Restaurant on Washington Street, you really need to gather a few friends or take a date to this casual dining restaurant featuring the cuisine of the regions surrounding the Adriatic sea; where fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, together with wood burning pizza, and pasta dishes create the main menu, along with so much more......

For starters: Marinated plums, gorgonzola and walnut salad

Where's did t all was cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto with mozzarella & olives.

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TerriD said...

Okay I have thought of the 100th profession you would be amazing at! Food critic!!! You make the food sound so good people want to jump in their cars and head on over to the restaurant and the pics are amazing.

Well have a safe and fun journey and take us all along for the adventure throug this blog!