Sunday, May 30, 2010

New kids on the block....Coven...a new, delightful eatery in Salem

At 281 Essex Street, just west of Washington Street, there is a new specialty cafe that opened this week and creating quite a buzz.....A coffee, sandwich and dessert bar, in a building that will always be affectionately known as the Tompkins Furniture Co. (who doesn't have one of their chairs in their house.) Now, there are residential condos on the upper floors and retail and a fitness salon on the first floor. But have no guilt, as Coven is worth every calorie. Just look at the scrumptious desserts. (See Below) While you should have one of their specialty sandwiches first, you may want to have a cupcake as an appetizer. If not, be sure to save room or bring some home. They certainly taste as good as they look.
It has an old market feel, and it's a very inviting and relaxing spot where you can even watch TV or a Movie. Also, it's an internet friendly cafe for those that wish to have a cup of coffee while staying connected....
They're open Sun -Wed. 7:30am to 9:00pm. & Thurs-Sat. 7:30 to 11:00pm. Finally, an after dinner coffee and pastry shop I can walk to. Most probably, I'll need to join that fitness place next door, but maybe, if I walk while I eat and take the long way home, it should be a wash. Works for me!
Meet the owners: Rob & Jen. Wishing you great success!
Tea, coffee, and gourmet cereal for the kids......milk too.

Have you ever seen cupcakes like these? Almost too pretty to eat.

My downfall........BROWNIES

I think we could introduce these for breakfast. Chocolate Croissants.

yum...........and so much more.


TerriD said...

Chocolate croissants are one of Frankie's favorites. Well it looks like we have another stop in July. We really need to start coming a 4 day minimum (once a month lol). Seriously though there is a great list of places to eat in Salem. Though I only do breakfast one place!! And Ali ensures we have Ashi at least once for dinner.

Ada May & Donald Roberts @ Amelia Payson House B&B said...

You'll have to bring Frankie some CC's home, or do you think they will last the trip. I can see you and Ali pulled over at a rest stop, with Dunkin Donuts coffee, gorging yourselves,and chocolate driping down your chin....ha, ha