Friday, April 16, 2010

O Canada

Celebrating Canada today.
They have a very pretty National Anthem

While our opening day was to be Friday, April 16th, what a pleasure to have some neighbors from the north country ring our bell yesterday afternoon looking for accommodations. Affectionately referred to as "walk-ins" Donald had the pleasure of welcoming two gals from Montreal that decided to spend their last vacation day in Salem before driving back to Canada. They chose the Amelia Payson House for lodging and we were glad to spring into business regardless of any official opening date. You never know when someone might stroll into Salem and decide to stay, so Ada's Girl Scout rule is, "be prepared". Although Ada was out of the house, she knows Donald is one of the best ambassadors Salem could have and he could talk most people into staying forever if they didn't have lives to get back to. Whipping out that visitors guide, he can overload you with choices of restaurants, attractions and shops. Sometimes we have to remind him that the visitors are not here to see him and maybe he should let them get to sightseeing......At breakfast, he serves a mean cup of coffee and ample conversation as well. He has an engineering background, but I think the stereotype doesn't fit, least over the years, he's learned the gift of gab from Ada.......

........a fun first day to our 26th season.


TerriD said...

Take this from someone that came for just one stay about 7 years and 12 visits ago ..... You stay at the Amelia Payson House for the first time for it's charm, elegance, location, amazing breakfast and very reasonable rate... you then return 11 more times and counting to repeat all that but you find with each visit that it is more and more about Donald and Ada May! No one can stay just once. Hey we'll be back in 13 days!!!!!!!!!!

Ada May Roberts @ Amelia Payson House B&B said...

Terry, You're making be blush when you gush like that...Thanks for the kind words and validation. Both Don and I are looking forward to your visit. Can't wait to catch up. E-mails just don't replace the human contact...See you soon.