Sunday, March 14, 2010

A whole lot of shaking going on.............

100,000 trees on 6,000 the Green Valley Pecan Company.
PECANS......the only Native American nut, and in Green Valley the folks at GVPC helped Arizona become the 4th largest grower of pecan trees in the country. (You guessed it. Georgia is the #1 producing state, Texas is #2, New Mexico is #3 and Arizona is #4.)
Family owned and operated since 1948,the Green Valley Pecan Company isn't the largest producer of pecans, but they are the largest irrigated pecan orchard, and their location, in the height of the Sonoran Desert, provides the perfect environment for pecan cultivation. (and yes, they shake the trees with big mechanical arms to harvest them)
And then, of course, is the store.........where we spent most of our time buying chocolate covered pecans, pecan meal for Donald's cereal, honey glazed pecans, pecan brittle and a few other treats. We justified our purchases thinking we'll bring some home as gifts, but I honestly don't think they will make it the 2800 miles. Although, the store is located only 15 miles south of Tucson in Sahuarita, so it would be an easy trip we could make again before we leave the area.
I guess there's hope you might still get some.........

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