Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Driscoll Wins, Salem Wins! Let's Party

Celebrating Kim's victory, Theresa's birthday, and Ada's freedom

Rich the Finance Guy & Two Driscoll cheerleaders

It was a long day (7am to 8pm), but well worth the results, and the Election Day party gave everyone the chance to let loose and celebrate Kim's victory and leadership for four more years. It also seals Ada's "Girl Thursday" volunteer job at city hall with Jen, Jason, & Kim; a never boring diversion from her B&B chores. Although Ada will miss her friends for a few months while she and Donald travel to Arizona for the winter, all will be in good hands with Mayor Driscoll in the corner office. Congratulations to her, and all the other candidates that ran for public office. Campaigning is hard work, but the real work begins when the phone starts ringing with constituent concerns. For now, let's just enjoy the moment!


TerriD said...

Congrats to all!! Looks like you had a great party. I am so happy you guys are on the eve of fun but we'll miss you!!! It's going to seem so weird in December without you.

AMalwayswriting said...

YAY!!! She's still mayor!

haha, you'd think I lived in that town!