Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photo session with Rick Bern

Today, Donald and Ada had their photo session with professional photographer, Rick Bern. Sent by the Massachusetts Connector folks to catch the innkeepers working and playing at home, Rick took hundreds of pictures of us all around the B&B, indoors and out. After a number of kitchen shots, we went for some action at the piano in the living room. Looks like he got a good sing-a-long picture. Hopefully, there are other pictures with my eyes open. Can't wait to see some of the other photo's soon. We were stars for a day and had a blast. Thanks Rick for your patience........... Such fun!

The Massachusetts Healthcare Connector had a essay contest asking, "Tell us why you are happy to have health care in Massachusetts". If your essay was picked, you won two tickets to see the Red Sox. Ada & Don can't wait to go to Fenway Park September 8th, when the Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. In addition to the tickets, they will be using some of the pictures, and testimonies of the essay winners, on the Massachusetts Connector website and other publicity pieces in the future.


TerriD said...

What a cute picture! :-) Your eyes are only closed from laughing and singing with your honey so that's okay. Hey I like that shirt Donald is wearing! AAAhhhh to think Ali and I knew you guys before you were famous!

dAwN said...

Awww...Cute! Cant wait to see more pics.
And how exciting to win the contest!

AMalwayswriting said...

That is an amazing photo!!!!